Phone Ginseng Growing Consultation


Phone consultation with Ginseng grower Terry. Learn how to select the right kind of Ginseng habitat, how to find different companion and indicator plants, Ginseng planting methods, and more!


Phone consultation with Terry Black, our Ginseng growing expert. Discuss how to select a good Ginseng growing site, different companion and indicator plants that grow well with American Ginseng, and answers any questions or concerns you might have about growing Ginseng. This is similar to the In-Person Consultation, just in 30 minute slots. You can schedule as much as you want. After your phone consultation, you will recieve a follow-up email with a summary of your consultation and any other information discussed.

After booking your time slot, we will email you to request the phone number you want to use for the Phone Consultation. Please reply as quickly as possibly with your contact information, at least 48 hours before your scheduled consultation. If you have any questions, please email us at