American Ginseng Rootlets (3 Live Rootlets)


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Package* of: three (3) Live cultivated individual Ginseng plant rootlets with growth bud. Plant immediately, making sure the neck and growth bud are pointing up. Rootlets can keep a few days in refrigeration if planting conditions are not right. However, these rootlets should be planted as soon as possible.

Replant in an area with plenty of shade and good drainage. Plant Ginseng in a wooded hillside with hardwoods and deciduous trees with plenty of shade. Look for companion plants to Ginseng to find a likely planting area, with things like sugar maple, Goldenseal, bloodroot and others. In a shady garden area, plant a group of the rootlets in a patch. Be sure to plant the stem/neck and growth bud pointing up. The growth bud is the new plant that will grow next spring. Loosen the soil to the depth of the root length, making sure the root won’t be crowded. Fill the soil back in around the root, firming gently. Mulch the patch with a thick layer of deciduous leaves. Sugar maples are a good source of natural calcium for the plants. Next spring, the plants will emerge from the new ginseng patch, enjoy!

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