Ginseng Consulting Services

Ginseng Consulting Services

   American Ginseng or Panax Quinquefolius  has been widely used in China and throughout Asia for centuries for its medicinal properties. Wild grown American ginseng is an endangered species due to the high demand, and substantial value of its roots, as more than 95% of the harvested roots are exported to China. As a result, there is great interest in the cultivation of wild American ginseng among many property owners. We at Shaw Black Farms, a family owned business with years of experience in trading, digging, and cultivating American ginseng, encourage private cultivation of this valuable plant for both its value and to assist in maintaining and increasing the numbers and genetic diversity of this incredibly useful species that nature has given us.

P. Quinquefolius is a demanding plant, and grows well only with the right amount of shade, soil drainage, and proper micro-environment of nutrients and surrounding plants. In addition, it should be understood that a minimum of 7 years are needed before wild-grown American ginseng produces harvestable roots.

Shaw-Black Farm offers consulting services to help you determine if your property is appropriate for wild ginseng cultivation, and on how to plant and care for wild American ginseng. Listed below are the services we offer:

Property Assessment for Wild American Ginseng

   Shaw-Black Farm will assess your property in person for suitability for wild American ginseng production. This service includes:

  1. An in-person site visit to your property.
  2. Overall inspection of property suitability for ginseng.
  3. A detailed inspection and documentation of specific property areas that are most likely to be successful in producing wild American ginseng.
  4. Measurement of overall shade at such locations.
  5. Inspection for indicator plants associated with suitable ginseng ‘microenvironments’.
  6. A written report documenting our findings.

   If interested, please E-mail us a request for a quote and terms to or call 859-957-9305 for more information