About Us

We are Shaw Black Farm, welcome!

 Welcome to Shaw Black Farms, a family-owned company dedicated to providing you with the best quality high-quality organic and wild-simulated native Appalachian medicinal plants and extracts, as well as native plant rootstock and seeds to start your own Medicinal Plant Garden. Since 2010 we have grown wild-simulated American Ginseng, as well as other medicinal native plants on our farm here in Kentucky.
We are a Botanical Sanctuary, helping to educate people about these incredibly unique and important plants that we are lucky enough to have here in the eastern United States. 
We also offer Ginseng Growing Consulting Services, where our Ginseng growing expert Terry Black will teach you about how to select a good Ginseng growing site, types of Ginseng seeds available, Ginseng seed planting methods, Ginseng companion plants, and more! We offer both In-Person Ginseng Growing Consultation, as well as Phone Ginseng Growing Consultation, depending on what you need.
See what we’re up to by following us on Facebook or by checking out our Press Release page. Learn more about the Federal Export Laws and State Ginseng Laws. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. Thanks!
A flowering Bloodroot plant
An American Ginseng plant with berry cluster