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Stratified Ginseng Seeds will be available for shipment starting in September 2017. We will ship seed orders every Monday and Wednesday after that until seeds are sold out.

Ginseng Rootlets (cultivated) are now available HERE!

Ginseng Consulting Services: We will come out to your property and assess it for the potential to grow American Ginseng. Check out the link and email us through the Contact Us page, or call 859-957-9305 for more information.

Phone Consultation Services: Schedule a time to talk to our resident ginseng expert. Time slots sold in half hour blocks.

Shaw Black Farm attended the 2017 American Ginseng Symposium in Morgantown, WV. See our press release about the event here!

All-natural small-batch Ginseng Tincture, Herbal Salves and Sprays available for your herbal wellness needs.

Wild American Ginseng tincture

Shaw Black Farm is a Certified Dealer buying Ginseng (in season) and other medicinal Roots & Herbs in Kentucky. Call (606) 273-9542 or (859) 957-9305.

Find out about state laws at the Ginseng Laws page (listed by state) and American Ginseng Export Law.

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