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Root and Herb Price list

2015 Root & Herb Price List

2015 Price List COMING SOON! Happy Digging

GINSENG ROOT (IN SEASON ONLY) --- Call For Price (859-957-9305)

Ginseng Diggers:
For the best Ginseng prices, only dig the larger mature roots with at least three prongs and five neck scars. Be careful to follow all state laws regarding Ginseng collecting. Always plant the berries, and replant all roots that are visibly too small for sale. Please do not harvest out of season. This will ensure future Ginseng harvests and will increase the value of wild harvested Ginseng. 

Please practice sound conservation. The future of wildcrafting depends on observance of the law, and respect for landowners, the plants themselves, and others. Please do not dig more than half of a wild patch of any herb.

Due to market fluctuations, prices are subject to change without notice. Please call 859-957-9305 for the current season's Ginseng price.
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