Ginseng-Harvesters and Collectors

  • Harvest season is from September 1 – December 1.
  • Only harvest plants that are 5 years old or 3 pronged. Remember, this a minimum harvest age.
  • If berries, red or green, are present on harvested root, they need to be planted within 50 feet with no tool other than your finger.
  • If you are harvesting on private land, no permit is required. However, we remind you to follow all trespassing laws.
  • Sell your ginseng only to a licensed Kentucky Dealer.
  • Do not send your ginseng by mail to an out-of-state dealer.
  • Do not leave the borders of Kentucky with Kentucky ginseng.

Important Dates

  • Harvesting Season: September 1 -December 1
  • Buying Season: Green starts September 1
  • Dry season: September 15 – March 31

All information courtesy of KY Department of Agriculture.

For more information about Kentucky Ginseng laws, check out the Kentucky Ginseng Program page here. For Ginseng FAQs, click here.

ALWAYS be sure you understand and follow all State and Federal Ginseng laws. This information is only a guide; be sure to check with your state for the most recent laws and regulations.