Georgia Ginseng Laws

Ginseng harvest season in Georgia is now September 1-December 31.
In 2013, Georgia law changed to require that Ginseng harvest season being on September 1, instead of the previous season start date of August 15.

Georgia Law Requires That:

– Dealers and Growers register with the Department of Natural Resources by July 15

– Diggers harvest wild Ginseng only from September 1-December 31

– Diggers only harvest plants with three (3) or more prongs, and replant ripe berries at the same site. Roots must be 5 years or older, with 5 growth scars on the root neck.

– Diggers must obtain written landowner permission prior to harvesting ginseng

– Dealers and Growers must maintain precise records or purchases, sales, and county of origin

– All cultivated and wild Ginseng harvested in the State must be certified prior to export.

Harvesting of Ginseng is not allowed on State lands.

For more information, contact the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Ginseng Management Program:

2065 US Highway 28 S.E, Social Circle, GA 30025-4743

Phone: (770) 918-6411 or (706) 557-3032

All information courtesy of GA Department of Natural Resources.

For more information about Georgia Ginseng laws, check out the Georgia Ginseng Program page here.

ALWAYS be sure you understand and follow all State and Federal Ginseng laws. This information is only a guide; be sure to check with your state for the most recent laws and regulations.