Arkansas Ginseng Laws

– No license is required to harvest or sell ginseng in Arkansas.

– A Ginseng Dealer License is required to buy wild or cultivated ginseng in Arkansas for sale across state lines. Dealer must record the name and address of the Ginseng harvester/grower; the name and address of the buyer; the county of origin of the Ginseng root; Ginseng root weight; and indicate whether the Ginseng root is Green/Fresh or Dry.

– The harvest season for wild and artificially propagated ginseng in Arkansas is from September 1 to December 1. Fresh or Green Ginseng roots of any kind may not be possessed between April 1 and September 1. Dealers may not purchase Ginseng between April 1 and September 1. Artificially propagated Ginseng may not be purchased by any Dealer from April 1 and September 15.

Arkansas state law requires that wild ginseng only be harvested when the fruit is red, and only from “well developed plants” with at least 3 prongs. Wild ginseng collectors are required to plant the seeds of harvested plants at the digging site. Ginseng may not be harvested on state land in Arkansas, nor in the Ouachita or Ozark National Forests.

The Arkansas State Plant Board, serves as the state’s ginseng coordinator. This office can be reached at (501) 225-1598 or by addressing correspondence to: Arkansas State Plant Board PO Box 1089 Little Rock, AR 72203

All information courtesy of AR State Plant Board.

For more information about Arkansas Ginseng laws, check out the Arkansas State Plant Board Ginseng page here.

ALWAYS be sure you understand and follow all State and Federal Ginseng laws. This information is only a guide; be sure to check with your state for the most recent laws and regulations.